Spay and neuter campaign


Lotus Stray Rescue not only rescues and rehomes unwanted strays, we also fight hard to solve the core problem. This is the best way to help relieve the stray problem in Romania. We will endeavour to continue with two campaigns each year. But this is not enough. There needs to be a constant resource where street dogs/cats and pets of the poor can be taken to be neutered. We have run several spay and neuter campaigns since we began in 2017 resulting in hundreds of dogs and cats having their surgeries, meaning, literally, thousands of animals not being born into the endless cycle of suffering on the streets of Romania. 

In the lead up to our spay campaign we are always worried whether people would turn up with their dogs and cats. Our Romanian friends arrange for leaflets to be handed out in the local areas, asking people to bring along their pets and any strays they care for. Often when pets have unwanted litters the pups are left to roam the streets.

We have been overwhelmed at the lengths that some people have gone to to bring their beloved pets. We have had dogs and cats arriving in bags, plastic tubs and boxes. One older gent put his dog in a bag and cycled to us. These people cannot afford pet carriers leads or collars but did their upmost to come. 


16 lives saved

March 2020

So .... we have been a bit crazy and in the last couple of weeks rescued 16 new dogs, and reserved a further 7 in PS Vaslui !

On a particularly low day I saw a video of some beautiful adorable dogs with only a few days to live and took them under our wing (ignoring my better judgement not to take more dogs we cant afford or rehome)

Here are just a few of the newbies, these are all young sweet dogs who need homes asap


March 2019

54 cats neutered

We have kicked off 2019's spay and neuter efforts with 54 cats in Vaslui. 

Please join our spay society and set up a monthly direct debit which will be specifically used to prevent animals being born to suffer.

Lotus Stray Rescue
account no: 14 08 92 28 
sort code: 09 01 29

Alternatively one off payment to help with the four figure bill for the 54 cats will be very gratefully received: